Eloxatin and Oxaliplatin & 5fu-side effects


I'm on my last treatment of chemo.

I already had chemo/radiation in may and then went in for a permanent colotomy, but thank the lord, he saw all the margins and i have a reversable illiostomy. I have now started chemo for 8 treatments. 2 times a month, every other week i go in and get the drip for 2 hours of the Oxaliplatin and Eloxatin and then leave with the 5fu bag for two days.

I had thinning hair with the 5fu before when i had my first round of chemo and radiation.

Now i'm wondering with the eloxtin and oxaliplatin if your hair thins with those two drugs. I know it will thin some more with the 5fu.

Anyone on these drugs and what have they done to your hair.
Please reply as soon as you can. or email me at cheeks917@comcast.net. I don't check this site much.

Thank you in advance.