Any ideas for treatment

After having colon cancer, I have tumors in my liver that have increased in size and number with treatments of folfiri and erbitux. My oncologist is sending me to a university med center to look for other possible treatments. I called a clinic that practices naturopathic oncology but was told immedicately they do not take medicaid patients, the receptionist hung up before I could ask another question. A relative told me to check into cannibus extract that is available in another state, but only about 6 hours from my home, had to leave a message. Any ideas for other treatments?


  • neons356
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    I've not heard of it being used to treat the cancer itself, but to treat nausea, soothe the GI system and to increase appetite. The extract in pill form is called cannabinol, and your oncologist can prescribe it for you regardless of what state you live in. However the real thing is much more effective. Maybe others here will chime in if they've heard of it being used as a treatment for tumors of the liver.