Back from England

Well I made it over to England and back with no ill effects. I didn't find the long flight anymore tiring than usual. I was able to eat just about anything with no ill effects so I was very pleased, I even managed to gain a couple of pounds! Apart from the fact that it rained some part of everyday except 3 I enjoyed myself and seeing family and friends. Had lots of good walks on the moors even in the rain, we Brits do not let rain stop play!
I saw the doc. last week for my first check since treatment, she said everything looked good. She did tell me to start taking Metamucil everyday to add bulk. She said my rectum would have shrunk due to the radiation and I needed more fibre bulk to stretch it? I am a bit confused seeing as my bowels are working regularily no constipation at all and was wondering if anyone else has been advised to use Metamucil?
My thoughts are with all of you especially those of you just starting on this treatment. I will have to catch up on the posts I missed while away.


  • Cheyenne
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    Happy to see you back and
    Happy to see you back and happy that your vacation went so well! (Yes, I was also advised to add Metamucil to my diet.)
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    Welcome back, Louise!
    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and made it home okay. About the Metamucil, I think many people have been advised to use this product after treatment ends, including me. However, I have not been very good at following that advice! It is supposed to bulk up the stools, which may help with the stenosis.
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    Welcome back! Glad your trip went well! Congrats on your first check up. I wasn't advised to take Metamucil. It's amazing how many different opinions there are.