Sunday night news

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Hello Dearhearts

Well, I am now home after spending Saturday night in the ER and transfered to a hospital room. Things started getting scary on Sat. around 10 pm. My chest was hurting and I didn't know if it was related to the transfusions. So we called the doc and he said to go to the ER right away. No fun!

They did every test including a ct angio scan. And decided after the scan to keep me. So hubby went home and I went to a real nice private room. The nurses were wonderful and it helped me to be less scared.

The possible bad news from the ct scan is that the stable lung nodual has now grown. I can't decide if this is good to know or not. I probanly would not have had a lung scan for a long while, since I am still recovering from all this drama/trama. So now I have another thing to follow up. I knew it had been there and it had remained the same for so long. Hopefully it doesn't mean much. I am trying to be positive on this. Althoughthe thyroid cancer loves to hide in the lungs... Lame

Anyways, the pain in my chest finally lessened and the other pain was controled well with the iv meds.

The doc told me that they do not think it was a heart attack since the heart enzymes looked good as well as the ekgs. He said that they are unsure what is/was causing the horrible pain. But if it returns, for me to not try and tough it out, but get to the ER pronto. I promised I would do that, so they let me come home.

So that has been my not so fun weekend. I didn't take hubbys ipad or even my phone, so I had no way to let you know how I was doing.
So, I apoligize for the long delay in posting an update to you.
I hope you all had a lovely uneventful weekend.
I plan on having a lovely peaceful week ahead.

Hugs to all of you


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    Hey Lisha
    Hi Lisha,

    LOL - I always seem to get on shortly after you post ;).
    I'm sorry you've had to continue this ordeal. Hopefully things
    will get better from here on out. Lord knows you deserve a break.

    I hope the remainder of your weekend is peaceful and restful.

    Hugs and hugs,

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    Damn !!!!
    Got to make this short. I wrote a long reply and it would not post. What are they going to do about the nodule? John
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    nothing like being home
    to a lovely peaceful week!!!! Vinny
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    Hi Lisha
    Hi Lisha,
    I was really hoping that you would start to feel better not worse, with the Elixir of life that you just got!
    I think that its always better to know what's going on and that way we can prepare ourselves mentally! Anywho that's my crazy way of thinking...keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Take care sweetie and if the pain comes back, don't think about it and just go to the hospital!!! Huge Hugs

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    Dear Lisha,
    You sure need a break. I'm praying for an uneventful 25 years with no drama for you. Take care and stay positive.