Too Bad

Too bad this site is falling apart. It is chock full of information that we find nowhere else. True people, true experiences, true caring. What a shame. No one ever agrees on everything and THAT is what makes the world go round. We are given free will and we are free to make our choices of faith, friends, our actions, and what we choose to believe and read. That is why our country is so unique. Diversity sometimes breeds thought and expansion of ourselves, and when not offensive can be very productive. Just my thoughts.......... Linda, Still missing my sweetheart every minute of every day.

Hello to those I haven't been in contact with in the past few months. You are still in my caring thoughts daily anthough I don't post often. Keep up the good fight. There are victories, I pray you are one!


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    Glad to hear from you. We've
    Glad to hear from you. We've lost some very knowledgeable people from this site . I feel like I have family members that have moved away and I won't hear from them as often. WE have to try to keep this site going for the Newbies that are seeking advise everyday.
    aaWe still have a few very oler survivors on here willing to do what they can for the newly diagnosed.
    I'm still praying CSN will have a change of heart and reinstate the ones that are gone.
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    too bad yes but there is HOPE
    too bad yes but there is HOPE, many HOPE this site will re-check what they decide to block. as I have noticed many many post in the other cancer discussion boards here mention religion, swear etc... and if 1 person hits that report as offensive link I hope it takes more then 1 to get someone blocked from here, and not just 1 person to decide.......
    What hurts the most is this EC cancer is one that has not enough research yet and thank GOD with breast cancer research so many beat it, and prostate and so many more that research has found early detection......
    Of course so many more need a cure just wish they could find what is the best to fight EC instead of using the same drugs they use on the other cancers that is not helping EC.
    We are thankful to the ACS for the Hope Lodge where we were able to stay for over 5 weeks while getting treatment. I am surprised unless I am missing something but for EC I find little info here or at the acs sites. Hoping we can find the legal forms we can add that use to be here to help all the new people trying to get help.