Am I translating these pathology statements correctly?

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Reading my pathology report (and pretty much googling every word to try and understand what they reported.) there are two items I am not sure if i understand (and yes the doctors will be asked).

1)"Tumor shows extension into fat of renal hilum and multiple areas of invasion into vessels some of which contain smooth muscle in their walls" Although the second part seems pretty evident to me - the vein walls had presence of the tumor. The first part i am confused with. As I am guessing this means that the tumor invaded the fat around the veins and arteries leading in and out of the kidney. Would this be considered perinephric fat?

2) "Tumor is present in samples of margin of renal vasculature" I read that as positive margins at the Inferior Vena Cava side of things as I understand margin to mean at the edges of what was yanked out.

If I am understanding this would this classify me as high risk for recurrence?

I guess with the advent of computers Doctors can have good penmanship and confuse us with their typed words now..... :)


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    This one is out of my league
    Perhaps one of the more experienced board members can clear this up.