Mediastinal Mass - NHL Chest Area


I was hoping I can get in contact with survivors. I was diagnosed in June with NHL mediastinal mass on my chest area. I had 5 r-chop therapies, my 5th one was today and it went well. Hopefully, it stays this way. I did not feel vomit or nausea as much for the first 2 treatments. My 3rd treatment was the harshest and I am praying that this one (5th) will be totally different, since I took both emend and zofran for prevention purposes. I have 1 or 3 more to go depending on my test results.

I am doing gallium scan after my 6th therapy and then they will decide if I will have 6 therapies or 8. Also, after gallium test I will have to wait 6 weeks to do PET scan. What is the difference between these two?

Also, I need to have radiation after chemotherapy. I would really love to talk to someone who can share their experience with me. It's just hard to make so many decisions and for me talking to cancer survivors puts me at so much ease rather than talking to family and others. Thanks for your support.