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edited January 2014 in Esophageal Cancer #1 is up and running, still a little rough but up with lots of good information already.

By the way EC Fighters "Use rules" --- Everyone is welcome, all beliefs are accepted, prayers are ok and even some shouting at God or whoever you want about the injustice and monster that is esophageal cancer. An occasional scripture, inspirational quote from a famous person or maybe a message in a fortune cookie --- all are perfectly acceptable expressions with us. Oh, and by the way it is perfectly okay to share your personal experiences about your battle with EC, the good, the bad the ugly and share any tips you think might help others. No censorship and no banning. Hope to see you there!!!!


Esophageal Cancer Fighters is a community of patients, caregivers, friends, family and anyone whose life has been touched by Esophageal Cancer. When we heard the dreaded words “you have esophageal cancer” many of us had never heard of that type of cancer and most of us didn’t know how to spell it. Very quickly we all learned that we were going to be in the fight of our lives. Here at esophageal cancer fighters we want to help, encourage and offer support an understanding to everyone. We might have different political views, different religious beliefs and even disagree with each other about what path to take in fighting Esophageal Cancer — but we all share one fundamental thing. We are all fighting to battle the monster and beast that is Esophageal Cancer. We are not doctors or medical professionals and this site is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or health care professional. What we hope to do is arm you with information and questions so you can advocate on your or your loved ones behalf and receive the best health care possible.

We set this site up so that you can access information by clicking on links. We will strive to update it when new information is available. We are all volunteers, some of us are survivors, some are currently fighting the beast and others have lost loved ones but want to help others going through this battle. We have walked in your shoes in one way or another and welcome you to our forum. While, we wish there wasn’t a need for a website like this we have formed a close support group even though many of us have never met in person and we are spread all over the world.

We have a Q&A section where you can have conversations and ask questions of other members on the site. Everything is on the table, no discussion is off the table and if you just want to vent we are here to listen to that to. We will archive conversations and posts so that you can search for topics. You see this site is set up for YOU, and is intended to be a safe place in the storm. Indeed, one of the sayings we have around here is that “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning how to dance in the rain.”

So let’s get our dancing shoes on and start dancing! We have a lot of living to do.


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    Setting up an EC site is quite a bit of work
    Sounds great! Hope the site flourishes. EC families have two new places to seek help: and the Facebook site. All "oldies" must work to let the "newbies" know about them so they can have access to additional information beyond the grim statistics that are out there. Keep up the good work.