double mastectomy

Hello ,I will like to talk to womens who had double mastectomy with (Diep) I have to make a decesion soon


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    I had a double mastectomy,
    I had a double mastectomy, but because I needed radiation, I did not have immediate reconstruction. I'm looking forward to reading the responses you get. Best wishes in your decision making. xoxoxo Lynn
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    Immediate Recon was not an
    Immediate Recon was not an option fgor me - I'm IBC. I had a unilateral 3 yrs ago next month (Oct 2009) and have never rgreted it. No recon - wasn't an option at the time. All BC is not the same.

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    Double mastectomy
    Yes I had double mastectomy two years ago was 53 pre meno. My type of cancer frequently appears unnoticed in both sides and was in both as turned out. Infiltrating Lobular. Had recon immediately as only had chemo and no radiation. I personally am pleased it is done and just now taking Tamoxifen of which I am not a fan. In fact I need a fan now most of the time......... Good luck with your decision.
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    After a double mastectomy with Diep, is hormone therapy required?