Stage IV -Folfox dose

My husband is Stage IV with mets to liver. We have opted to do chemo closer to home but have received two different dosage reccomendations for Folfox. One is 130 and the other is 85. Does anyone have any thoughts on the differing amounts. Did Folfox buy time with a good quality of life for anyone? He will also continue with Herceptin and another chemo. with this plan. Betsy


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    Folfox combo of chemos
    Folfox is typical referred to as a combination of chemo drugs. but check is that specifically what the Onco is combining.
    Consists of
    FOL = Leucovorin Calcium (Folinic Acid)
    F = Fluorouracil
    OX = Oxaliplatin

    My husband was given Herspetin and Cisplatin, and Oxaliplatin every 3 weeks, with a pump at home 2 days. He was also Her-2 positive, but not dxd until stage IV.
    timetable below:
    Learnings - as others have said J-tube would of probably given him more quality time. Watch for the changes and push nurses to get info to doctor.
    Dec 26 - dxd with cancer, still looking for source, at GP doctor hospital.
    Jan 4 - Esoph. source identified.
    Jan. He was very sick before start of first Chemo. Sleeping problems occurred across all months.
    Jan 16- first treatment running about 3-4 hour infusions, with pump at home/work for 2 days.

    Feb 5- after the 2nd treatment quality of life greatly improved. Went to work, able to eat, several things.

    May - He was able to tolerate 7 doses of Oxaliplatin, and then reacted. So it had to be dropped.
    Jul- mid : fluids started in stomach. Oxaliplatin restarted on slow infusion (10 hours). Scans shows possible spread to lungs.
    Aug - 1st week : reacted to Herspetin,Cisplatin and Oxaliplatin, admitted and detoxed from Oxaliplatin, first paracentesis started. Do not return to work from this point onward. Still able to eat, and talk down solids and ensure. Switch to Irrennsten low dose. (got 2 doses) stopped Herspetin and Cisplatin.
    Aug 30 - lost blood pressure at home, 911 to 5 day hospital stay. (probably fluid bag or j-tube would of helped, as well as more aggressive treatment of diarrhea) Clot from leg to lungs. Unable to walk more then 10-20 feet on his own.
    Aug 30-Sept 15 heavy PT, gained length strength back, moving around. Mind still very good. But trouble with intaking foods. stomach fluids regularly building.
    Sept 24-28 admitted to hospital and passed away in short-term hospice, with friends and his favorite music.

    I will go into his records and try to get you the dosages.