Penguin Cold Caps and Hair Loss

Anyone here about the Penguin Cold Caps? I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in April 2012 and had a partial hysterectomy. I underwent 6 weeks of radiation and 6 sessions of chemo. In August 2012 I found a lump on one of my scars and turns out I had to have surgery 2 weeks ago. The cancer was there again. I know have to undergo chemo again... Cisplatin and Topotecan. I did not loose my hair with the first round of chemo, however, my doctor has told me that this time the drug does cause hairloss. I know this is not the biggest concern, the concern is to get me healthy, but there is an option to keep your hair.

I discovered the Penguin Cold Caps that freeze your hair folicles during and after chemo. This will keep the chemo from entereing into your hari folicles and therefore, you will keep your hair. If anyone has ever done this I would love to chat about it. I start on September 24, 2012.

And I would love to chat to someone that has had Cervical Cancer and beat it... I need some inspirational stories.


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    cold caps can save your hair
    Hi Monica,
    Penguin cold caps work about 90% of the time with all chemo drugs. You can visit our website (we are a non-profit trying to make people aware they can save their hair)to learn more at Also you can call the company directly - they can give you past user references and doctor references. Contact Geralyn Pewarchie at 810-359-5257 or Frank Fronda at 714-982-8846. They can ship the caps as fast as overnight and you can save your hair. All the best to you. Nancy and Shirley
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    Hi Monica,

    I have breast cancer and used the penguin cold caps during my 4 month chemo treatment , I still have about 30% of my hair left and I just finished my last chemo treatment last week. I had very strong treatments, taxol, carboplatin, adrimycin, cytoxan and keytruda. It does work, my hair is just thinner but everyone tells me that if they didn’t know me (I had a ton of hair before) they would just think I have thin hair. I hope this helps you:)

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    Hi there, this post is from 2012. I hope all goes well for you.