Natural cures?

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Has anyone ever witnessed natural cures healing someone?

This seems to be a huge topic in many circles and also a huge topic for naysayers that are putting out this definition post that just negates centuries of ancient healing forms. Medical men have been around for ? hundreds if not thousands of years. Why would going to a complete nature provided diet be bad for you?
I understand that some may say MEAT is natural, but it is seriously not natural after it's been conventionally processed. Pork is irradiated, so much of our meat is altered past the point of identifying it as an animal, so the meat argument is ridiculous from my point of view. There is so much great information out there... I would first do this, for myself. I would also hope my family members would at least give it a shot.

It saddens me to know that my FIL is so far advanced and his tumour is largely in the thalamus, Operating could kill him and radiation will only quicken his death. :( I so wish he would have done a true cleanse periodically throughout his life.

I also wouldn't recommend that people go spend money on pre-packaged colon cleanse products etc... attempting to stay natural is key.

If anyone has pointers on how to navigate this site, that would be appreciated. I would like to be able to at least track the threads I post on. Thanks.