high b12 and folate reading

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Should I be concerned about a reading of 2000 pg/ml b12 and 24 ng/ml folate serum on last blood test? Read somewhere elevated b12 could be indication of not such good news to come?

4th infusion today of 5fu/oxy


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    High B12/folate
    High levelsaren't usually a problem as far as I know. They do the tests to look for dificiency usually. CAn get high levels if your liver is impaired (they probably did liver function tests at the same time) but simple causes such as vegetarian diet and taking supplements may elevate levels.

    Discuss it with your team butdon't worry unnecessarily.

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    Folinic acid was first discovered in 1948 as citrovorum factor and occasionally is still called by that name.[2] Folinic acid should be distinguished from folic acid, a B Vitamin. However, folinic acid is a vitamer for folic acid, and has the full vitamin activity of this vitamin.

    (Folate is the natural form of folic acid)

    Since this is part of FOLFOX, possibly they are seeing higher levesl because of the 'full vitamin activity of this vitamin'???