looking for funeral assistance for cancer patient who passed away on sept 5, 2012

My brother, Steven passed away on September 5, 2012. He was diagnosed with terminal mouth cancer a few years ago. He lost his job do to his illness and was on a very fixed income. My sister in-law has no way to pay the funeral bill. The total for the funeral is $3,000. We have asked family and friends to help with the cost but it needs to be paid by Monday for him to have a small service on Tuesday. He will be buried in Pegram at Veterans Cemetery. Which is a blessing since he had no life insurance.

I am asking for anyone out there that knows of any kind of funeral assistance that people can apply for. Steve’s Widow “Barbara” has no insurance and no money for the funeral. Steve has five children, two of them with Barbara and one is still in high school. I have done everything I know and been and asked everyone I know to ask. The funeral homes will not take payment arrangements and we need help! I would like to know if anyone knows of any resources that might help pay for the funeral.


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    First, im sorry you lost your brother. My husband was cremated and his service was at our church at no cost. You might want to look at the bill. Are there ways you can cut costs? Is there a local church that will help out or can the service be held at the graveside? Has your brother's widow been talked into added services that aren't necessary? I know when my mother-in-law died the funeral home tried to sell us a number of extras. Social Security does pay something. My husband wasn't on SS, but I know there was some kind of death benefit there. Can you put it on a credit card so she can make payments? I Best of luck with working this out. Fay
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    assistance for veteran's
    Please call your local veterans groups - they may be able to offer help. I agree with the suggestion to hold a graveside service, to look over the bill for avoidable costs. Visitation at a funeral home here in north Alabama would push the cost over the $3K you mention so that may have already been eliminated from the plans.

    Our state has the option of not being embalmed: it was my mother's wish that she not. I suspect your brother already has.

    I have chosen cremation for myself: currently, the cost is about $800. My family will take my ashes and distribute at a later date. Perhaps this could be considered?

    I know this is a hard time for all involved.