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Please send me your personal contact information - email if you desire to a new email address I have created

I will try to help those get on the EC facebook page it is a private group and you must be invited -- please friend me on facebook I am Cindy Collins in Wilmington Delaware - so you make sure you friend the correct person under my about me page I work at the Delaware Department of Justice (so when you look on my page to make sure you friend the correct person) I am wearing the same blue sweater in the profile picture that is on my family picture on this site.

More information will be forthcoming. Do not message me on this site because messages are being deleted and I don't want to lose your information or worse I may get blocked as well. As as said in my post that got deleted I object to censorship and it got deleted so this may be deleted as well. If that happens again please feel free to forward this address to anyone who asks.

Bless everyone,


  • rose20
    rose20 Member Posts: 258
    Thanks Cindy!!
    Thanks Cindy for doing this!!!
  • Amjosmom
    Amjosmom Member Posts: 212
    Thank you.
  • AngieD
    AngieD Member Posts: 493
    Amjosmom said:

    Thank you.

    Thank you, Cindy. I see
    Thank you, Cindy. I see that your earlier censorship message that got so many agreeing responses had the entire thread disappear. This is scary.
  • jaycc
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    please add other EC group, so we can all stay together
    Cindy would you please add the ECawareness group to your group, so everyone can stay in touch ? (ECAWARE)

    If you need help let me know.

    thanks Jaycc
    (PA volunteer rep)