Wishing You All A Great Weekend

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Here in Canada we have Labour Day on Monday. Whether you have a long weekend ahead or not, I wish you all a peaceful, and relaxing weekend, filled with family, friends and the things that bring you joy.

Live in the moment and make every moment count.

God bless you all. No matter how good or bad life gets, each of you has supported myself and others like me in gaining knowledge and a positive perspective. You are a unique and wonderful group. Bubbs.


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    Oh Canada
    After having spent 6 summers and at least 50 other trips in Canada I am learning to speak Canadian. Every one knows how to spell Canada but few know how it got its name. It seems on a winter day long ago a bunch of lumberjacks were playing scrabble after a hard day in the woods. They shook up all the letters and the first to come out was a C. They all shouted Ah. The next letter that came out next was an N. Again they all shouted Ah. Finally the last lerrer to come out was a D. And they all shouted Ah. And that is how Canada got its name.

    Here are some questions for members of the club.

    From Detroit what direction do you travel to get to Canada?
    How much is a Loonie worth?
    What is the approximate current exchange rate between the Loonie and the USD?
    How much is a Toonie worth?
    When is Thanksgiving?
    What letter does the Canadian alphebet end in?
    Istaed of going on Vacation Canadians go on what?
    There are two vacation movies where the family piles in a car and supposidly drives North from Chicago, Which was filmed in Canada? The Great Outdoors or Ceaper ny the Dozen 2 ?Historically more hockey players in the NHL come from Canada, Sweden, Russia or the USA?

    Please no Canadians answering these questions. That would be too easy.