Beginning to get antsy, a little more than usual this time. Will be having CT scans of my neck and chest at Hershey Medical Center on the 14th of September. Doctor's aid said no pet this time just CT's. Some of you know that in May, whilst hospitalized for a irregular heartbeat (had a quad by-pass in 2008) they found a 4mm nodule in my lung. My radiation oncologist at Hershey said that he was not concerned about it and we would stay on our regular schedule for scans, this will be a 12 month check up. I too, after he said he was not concerned, was not concerned but now it's lurking in my head. My heart got straightened out and was just an irregular heart beat. Nothing I can do but try to immerse myself in things that occupy my mind. Denis


  • boardwalkgirl
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    Will be praying that
    Will be praying that everything is okay!
  • CivilMatt
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    these things bug us
    Hey Denis,

    Lurking in your head is like an itch you can’t scratch (it bugs the heck out of you). No concern by the doc is pretty good indicator in your favor. This whole cancer thing makes us wacko (once in a while). Here’s hoping everything is ok and that that itch goes away for awhile.


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    It's always easy for the MD to say "he's" not concerned. Yes, he may be the professional, but look at it from our point of perception and what we have been through and "then" say you're not concerned....friggin nearly everything concerns us.

    Sorry for the anxiety, h\it's something we all go through.

    Thoughts and prayers for uneventful results,
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    better news than what we all were afraid might be in the works back then, Denis. Wondered how you are doing. Scans- opportunity to put your mind to rest and be told all is good- hoping that's the results.

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    As John said, It is easy for
    As John said, It is easy for the Docs to say unconcerned." They were not concerned about Jim's ear pain for three years and it turned out to be stage 4 cancer. So I say to those professionals, "Tell me not to be concerned when you are the one who is facing test results after treatment for cancer."

    I pray for your peace and a NED.

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    Hi Denis

    You sound perfectly normal as we all get a little nervous when it is time to see the doctor again and do a scan. And believe me any little bump or new mold gets me on edge sometimes, just do what Kent always say just Believe.

    God bless, I will keep you in prayers on the 14th my brother
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    Holding good thoughts for you Denis
    Ya, I got two of the damned 4mm nodules in one lung. My doc says the same thing; not to worry. I understand a lot of us here have the nodules.

    My next PET-CT is scheduled for November or December, if my insurance carrier does not object... I'm pretty sure I'll be sweating it by then.

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    part of our new us I guess

    the scanxiety just comes with the territory I way to avoid it after all we've been thru.
    Praying for a great scan for you and great news !
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    Ingrid K said:

    part of our new us I guess

    the scanxiety just comes with the territory I way to avoid it after all we've been thru.
    Praying for a great scan for you and great news !

    Thanks all, hey Hondo good to hear from you. Yes it does does get scary, I guess September id test month got me. Got to have an ultrasound of my carotid arteries this Thursday, last time I had them was last September and arteries were clear, nah, right side had some stuff but that was there 4 years ago, docs said nothing to be concerned about. Get the results of that on the the 12th. Hershey and neck and chest scan on the 14th, get results 17th. 20th creatinine blood test and prostate check. Gonna be busy, plenty of stuff to occupy my mind. Denis