Well we got the news that noone waits for. My husband was sent home on Hospice with less than 6 months. The Dr, stated that now that he has a lesion on the brain that it will be far less than that. The Hospice nurses that come in and check on him gave him 2 weeks. He has not ate anything in 7 weeks, and does not want a feeding tube. He is able to drink fluids. That Ensure Clear has been a great help as he really started to hate the thick ones. My problem now is keeping him safe. He is so stubborn and still wants to get up and go to the bathroom on his own and falls. I am posting this at 5:30 am my time cause he did just fall and I don't know what to do to keep him safe anymore. I may have to have family come in and help me watch him. Is that to much to ask though. They have their own lives and families. He is on a pain med as well that makes him hallucinate. I am also not able to understand him much anymore, and he gets very frustrated having to repeat what he says to help me understand him, part of that is the pain meds, and part of that is the brain tumor. Oh God I just don't know what to do anymore. I know that I don't have a lot of time left with him I just want to keep him as safe as I can till he is not here anymore. If anyone has or is going through the same scenario please let me know what you have done that may work. Thank you I am so lost at this point.


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    I've gone through this....
    I lost Nick to a recurrence of brain mets - 3 tumors and a "misting" of smaller tumors across the back of his skull. He also had Leptomengeal disease - cancer in his spinal fluid.

    Nick's speech also became very thick and slurred. It was frustrating for us both. He started falling in May and the tumor(s) were found on May 11th. I wasn't in a position to remain home with him and he refused other care. Nick compromised with me and remained in the bedroom unless I was at home. Not much a life for him either. Nick's legs wasted away to nothing from the cancer. He moved to using a walker before Memorial day, and a wheelchair on June 10th. I lost him on June 19th.

    If you have family willing to assist you, accept it. They don't want to see your husband injure himself either. And they will do it because they want to help you and to ease your troubled heart.

    If you would like to call me, please send me a PM through the forum. I'll send my phone number. It may help you to talk with someone that's been there, done that.

    Best wishes to you both! I know your heartache....

    PROUD wife to Nick, age 49
    lost battle to FEC, 06/19/12
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