First scan results Trial TRC 105

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Well, it was a mixed bag... One lesion was stable, the big one shrunk by a cm or so, and then there was this little 1 cm "spot" that was new, and they can't be sure what it is. Clinical trial nurse implied that Robert would not be continuing the drug, but doc said since it isn't for sure the spot is a progression, to keep going for another 2 cycles, and scan again.

We are meeting with Robert's onc that had been treating him up until this trial, to see what his thoughts are. I am not so keen on the idea of continuing this trial drug, but Robert wants to, so that's what we will do. I am taking this last scan to onc today and have him get another radiologist to read it. Another set of eyes can't hurt.



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    Another set of eyes would be
    Another set of eyes would be good. Shrinkage and Stable are great!! Where is the new spot?? Let us know what the other oncologist thinks.
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    more detailed data
    I'd check the PET scan and several monthly/biweekly CEA values before I had any drastic changes, perhaps well away from the trial oncologist. As a matter of habit, I personally would be working on Plan B or C anyway.
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    Hi Angela,
    That's wise to

    Hi Angela,
    That's wise to get another set of eyes to look at the scan. What trial drug is he on? I'm on trail too. If he does two more cycles how long is that?
    Hope he's feeling well and tolerating the trial drug.
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