My Mom was just diagnosed, what now

My name is Tracey and my 69 yr old mom was just diagnosed last week with EC. My sister and I traveled from Ohio to Illinois to meet with her oncologist yesterday. He said she needed to have a endoscopic ultrasound done and that they could not do it there and gave us the names of a few hospitals that could but also said since your children live near Columbus Ohio you might want to go to The James at The Ohio State University Hospital. So Someone suggested Patrick Ross and we have an appointment with him next week. The doctor in Illinois did tell us the mass was about 10cm and it is located in the lower portion of her esophagus. They also found an enlarged lymph node in her stomach.
Are there any questions we might not have thought of that we should ask the surgeon? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we are clueless!


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    Oh boy... :/
    Welcome to the family. I'm sorry you had to find us. Luckily, you have found an INCREDIBLE site full of experienced survivors and caregivers. I am still fairly new here, but others will be along shortly to help guide you in fighting the Beast. Get in touch with Bailey1459. She has a list of questions for the newly diagnosed to ask the doc. VERY HELPFUL.

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    I had that Procedure done
    Hi Tracey,
    I had that procedure done in the summer 2010. They do that to see how far the tumor has invaded the layers of the esophagus, and maybe to help to stage the cancer. That is something that you can ask, what the stage is? I was stage III with some node involvement neat the esophagus in my chest. I underwent chemo, radiation and then surgery. Just take it one step at a time, so it is not overwhelming. I found this to be helpful. Follow all the doctor's instructions. Get second or more opinions if you feel unsatisfied. Go to a hospital with experience with this type of cancer. Good luck, Mitch
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    I've had the endoscopic
    I've had the endoscopic ultrasound done and it was explained to me as a staging and pre-surgical evaluation tool. It isn't a huge procedure and should be done and over fairly quickly. As for questions to ask the surgeon. The first one would be how many esophagectomies he/she has preformed. How many a year they preform. What type of esphogectamie and why. Finally what is their success rate versus mortality rate. I would look for a thoracic surgeon who preforms many of these a year and has a good track record and trained at a medical facility that is know for EC treatment and surgery. This isn't a surgery you want done in a community hospital or by a general surgeon. I was told that the mortality rate for the THE I had is slightly more then double the mortality rate for general surgery. So you want the best surgeon you can find to turn those odds as much in your favor as possible. I had a great surgeon at the University of Washington and believe with all my heart that his skill is why I've had such a great recovery. You only get one shot at this so get the very best you can and go for it.

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