tram flap reconstruction

classicpat Member Posts: 21
ok i had a tram flap march 1st 2012. i had a few complications but am working thru it. my questions for anyone with this surgery is when to the bulges under your breast go down and why on occasion do they feel like they are having spasms. i have a relatively small bugle over my stomach incision that hurts unless i wear a girdle that i have never done as i have never been really big enough in my mind to to wear it. it wears me out if i dont wear it by noon. so i wear it. i have become allergic to latex recent so i can only wear cotton underclothes so i have to wear a cotton cami under my girdle or i break out in hives. i have one breast that was radiated in 1996 so it is very sensitive. i have to wear something cotton under a bra if i could wear a bra. at this point the bulges under my breast get painful and swollen if i wear a bra and it slips up anyway cause the sizes of my fub is not much bigger than the bulges under them. has anyone been thru this that can let me know if it will really get any better or do i need to just except this as my life. thanks a bunch. i'm just a little tired of all this at this point. :) pat