Feeling better...but gettting worse?

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Hi all,

So I had CT scan on August 7th and at that point I was not doing well-extremely weak, low blood levels, ect.

But since then great things have happened! I was able to eat solid foods again and liquids. In fact I have been indulging in burgers and fries and any other high calorie foods and have finally gained some weight. And my energy levels is much better-can walk a few minutes without much fatigue.

So I am on f5yu and ironcentan and I assumed that that chemo is working. When I saw my oncologist he said that the results were slightly worse! He was on the fence between stopping treatment now and moving on to pacetaxol. He was surprised at my improvemnent and we decided to finish the two more treatments and rescan at the end of September.

I find this bizarre and hope the next scan is better--has this happened to alot of you? I know last year during my first round of treatment where I suffered badly I thought the chemo was not working but was told it was!
So maybe I'm missing something/


  • jgwright
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    That's what I'm on. Originally it was for stomach and colon cancer, but a number of oncologists are using it for esophageal cancer and treatment of mets. So far, it doesn't seem to be shrinking anything, and I'll find out tomorrow (CT) if anything has spread.