Mild hot flashes

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I'm four weeks post partial nephrectomy for a 4.1 cm tumour on the right kidney. Staged T1b , no evidence of any further spead on CT. ( diagnosed incidentally during an ultrasound for possible gall stones )Will have the pathology in a weeks time. Everything post op is fine healing wise, strength recovering day by day. ( 55 years )
My only concern is that I am having mild hot flushing most early evenings for the past few days. Nothing too excessive but noticeable. Has anyone experienced these post op ? I am thinking they may be not op related but due to testosterone levels. I had seminoma 14 years ago which necessitated the removal of my remaining testes, one being removed in infancy, since when I've had daily testosterone replacement therapy by patch and gel. Annual testosterone checks show level is on the low side but within normal range. I'm supposing the op, stress , post op recovery may have put hormone levels out of kilter .
Any thoughts very welcome.



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    Male Menopause!
    Hi - Matt - Just kidding! I had partials on both kidneys last year and for 2-3 weeks after both I would have off and on chills and hot flashes. My vote is it's normal and should quit before long. I hope. I am 55 also. Alan
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    Me, too

    I am 6 weeks post full-Neph ( right side 5.0cm/ stage 1, grade 1 margins clear ) & find some evenings where I feel my temp rising
    ( I take it & it's normal ) & have to take the covers off to avoid burning up. No rhyme or reason to it that I can see.
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    I had it for 6/8 weeks
    The weirdest was when I was roasting above the waist and my feet were freezing.

    AC bill was high this summer.
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    Might want to check the TSH
    Thyroid changes can, I think, cause the flashes.

    (That and risque movies)
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    Eliezer2 said:

    Might want to check the TSH
    Thyroid changes can, I think, cause the flashes.

    (That and risque movies)

    How would you know that?! I hope you're not into flashing :)