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Hey Vinny,
You posted in my previous post that you still have an uptake of 2.5 in your hip. I was just curious if you had radiation? If you had radiation, was the uptake still 2.5 after the rads or was there a recurrence? If it was still 2.5 after the radiation what did the doctor recommend that you do next? Just wondering what may happen if my SUV is still 3 when I have my 3 month scan. Thanks! Amanda


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    hi Amanda
    Hi I just saw your post, I did not receive any radiation on this cancer, just the 8 cycle R-Chop regiment. What my onc said is that they will use the 2.5 as a reference point going forward. She still feels that the uptake is treatment related. If the suv goes up, she would treat with radiation. It bothers the hell out of me that something is there, but my onc feels different, I pray she is right!!! lol Good luck Amanda, please keep me up to date...... Vinny