Radiofrequency Ablation...your input is needed

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My husband's dr has suggested Radiofrequency Ablation for his inoperable liver cancer. Some history, he has had radiation/chemo for colon/rectal cancer, then removal and resection and more chemo. Then mets on liver, lung and prostate, so more intense chemo untill he got to the point he couldn't stand any more. Been off everything since June. Feels much better now and PET scan on August 1 showed marked improvement in lung and prostate, but enlargment of mass on both lobes of liver. Does anyone have experience with the Ablation process? We are scheduled for consult late next week.

Thanks for any input.


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    Hello ddpekks,
    I had RFA (radio frequency ablation) 2 1/2 years ago for a recurrence of HCC on one of my lobes. It is only slightly uncomfortable and very tolerable, no pain med's were needed after the procedure. I have not had a recurrence of my liver cancer since. It is a targeted procedure that allows your doctor to remove as little as necessary of the area encompassing the whole tumor. I had mine as an outpatient procedure and home within 4 hours of waking up. I hope this helps and the best of luck to you and your husband.