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Guys, thanks for your response on my good news about going on Watchful waiting, but I need the real deal on diet. I am now off all animal fats, and dairy. I just started taking pure Alaskan omega-3, A prostate health complex and Puritan's Pride's pomegranate concentrate. If you think I am moving in the right direction or can suggest an additional supplement to add and product name I will be greatly appreciative.


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    No Quick Fix
    There's no quick fix and you need to understand how overall nutrition and diet affect your general health and cancer in particular. I recommend reading a book titled "The China Study" and bnegin to base your diet choices on what you've learned. It's not necessarily easy and you need support. Forks over Knives is another good read and there is a video on it as well.
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    Go To The Other Thread You Started

    Please go to the other thread that YOU started, for several comments already posted there by me and others on the subject of prostate cancer and diets, which you can find here:

    As for omega3 and pomegranate juice, I have been taking 2g omega3 a day (1g AM & 1g PM) for years for general health reasons. I tried pomegranate juice briefly because was/is purported to help w/urinary problems and supposedly also helps to reduced prostate cancer risk.

    Quickly stopped taking p-juice because I did not notice any effect on urination and because it cost way TOO much. I drink green tea instead, which is supposed to have similar effects and costs very little to produce in large quantities.

    Don't see any harm in taking either omega3 or p-juice but doubt either has any significant effect in preventing the growth of prostate or any other cancer.

    Any move towards reducing refined sugars and grains, alcohol, dairy and saturated/trans fats is a move towards a generally healthier diet which is certainly a move in the "right" direction.