Eustachian tube problems

Anyone else have problems with their estuation tubes due to lymphoma or radiation therapy. There was a tumor or node that grew next to mine on the left side that closed the “E” tube and cause fluid build up in the ear. I had radiation to destroy the tumor and the radiation worked and fluid disappeared, but since than, my ear fills plugged most of the time and I can hear myself breath and talk through it and it seems to be getting worst. Strange thing is, when I lay flat on my back the ear feels normal. Sounds like fluid maybe but the ENT cannot see any and does not know what is happing. According to the cskan the tumor is gone.


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    That's a new one for me Coupe, but someone may chime in with an experience like that. You might also try the "Head and Neck" board, since it is specific to that region of the body.

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    Hi. Sorry for what is going
    Hi. Sorry for what is going on, I know how dificult ear issues can be. Hub had problems with eustachian tubes after his whole brain radiation for CNS Lymphoma. He had ringing in his ears and chould hear his breathing as well. Numerous trips to the ENT only yeilded, maybe an operation will help. He had been through enough dealing with the brain cancer so I said no to that and then a friend who had the same treatments told us it might go away after about 6 months as hers had done. We hung in there and it resolved itself in about 6 months. Hope yours does the same...