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Been off the boards for a while. Recovery has been slow and harder than I had imagined. Surgeon said that the surgery had gone well and that there had been a second tumor on the liver that they removed (they also removed the Gall Bladder). Do not know about more chemo yet but expect 6 to 8 more rounds of FOLFOX when healing has had time to proceed. Family and friends say that I was quite the character after surgery with both an epidural and a button to administer pain medication. Expect to be out of work for another month and then back to the desk and chain. This surgery was no Joke...really kicked me in the gut (bad pun).

P.S. Sorry to hear about Jennie


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    keep getting better
    I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel better...keep it up. Pray you heal completely. Jeff
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    Welcome back and wishing you
    Welcome back and wishing you the best as you recover!
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    Surgery really does knock the body and it takes patience and tiem to recover fully. Give yourself that space to focus on that for now and let work and future tretments sort themselves out when the time is right. For now rest and recover.

    I too have been told I'm totaly wierd when doped out postoperatively- my wife thought I had had a stroke or brain damage last time as I was acting so oddly for a good few days after the op. Luckily I remember nothing!