Gaining weight after surgery

skyhawk Member Posts: 19
Willliam, this one you can probably answer, but I am 4 years out from IL with no problems at all as far as I know. I am 100% back to normal. I easily hike 100 miles on the Appalachian trail with a 30lb pack with no problem.

What I do find is that my weight is creeping up. I was 235 before dx and have stayed around 210, but recently found myself at 216. I refuse to go there again and have cut out all my sugars and started back walking/running and now back to 208. I feel better there and refuse to get fat again. However, I am 6'1.

Has anyone else experienced the weight gain? Again, I refuse to get fat again, as I feel so much better after the surgery weight wise. That was one advantage of the surgery to me.

DX 4/08 T3N1Mo
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