Stage IV OC with 6 cycles of Chemo/ 78 yrs old

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Hi ladies,

My Mom (78 yrs old)was diagnosed with Stage 4 OC in February of this year. Her CA125 marker was high and they started her on 6 cycles of Chemo which she completed in June. It made her very weak and gave her no appetite. The Dr's ruled out any De bulking surgery because of her fragile state. She ended up in a Cancer treatment hospital were surgeons inserted a PEG tube into her stomach to drain the built up bile that was giving her so much discomfort of nausea and bloating. As soon as she had most of the built up fluid removed she felt like a new person. After the Gynoc team reviewed her case and told her the Chemo really hasn't reduced the size of the tumors (Numerous masses in the peritoneum and ovaries) they sent her home in Hospice care and gave us a prognosis of no more then 2 months. She accepted this and has been amazing with her positive attitude and calmness.... It has now been 9 weeks and she is starting to get her appetite back an getting a little stronger. She was also diagnosed with a perforated bowl (put her on antibiotics)in June and was told to live on liquids for the remaining short life she had left...she is trying solid foods and having no real side effects to speak of. She has never taken any pain meds since they prescribed them to her upon leaving the Cancer center.

Since she was doing so remarkably well the Dr checked her CA125 and it was now 45. Even though de bulking is out of the question (too much pain and possible no survival in her present state)I wondering if there are any survivors out here that have beat the same odds and what have you done?


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    Hi Marge, I am from the
    Hi Marge, I am from the Uterine board(UPSC) and only take the drugs for ovc, but when I saw your post I just had to tell you what a strong and resillant woman your mother is! A true survivor. Everyone on these boards talk about a positive attitude and what peace of mind will do to heal the body. I'm more a "doom and gloom" person, but will try to take a page out of your mothers book on how to accept. Please post again...your post is so unique that I have never seen another one like it. Some one will answer soon. I think your mother is doing EVERYTHING right already! Wishing her and all of you peace and comfort. Best, Debrajo

    Truly one of "The Greatest Generation"!
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    All I can say is there is
    All I can say is there is cancer and there is God. Your mother has the Lord in her life, no doubt. That sort of calmness is from Him. Keep us posted. I would love to hear how a miracle would be done in this situation!
    Hugs to you and your mother,