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jim and i
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Monday is Jim's CT. We are debating on canceling it and going to our local cancer center for second opinion on the lung cancer. We are now an hour away from the original oncologist and the drive makes Jim super stressed. Jim original decided to not recieve any further treatment (erbatox being the only option) because he had been sick for so long.two Now that he feels better and we have moved back to our home town he is thinking he might be willing to do some treatment if he did not have to go so far away. The other thing that influences this is that we want to know if the nodules have grown, shrunk or stayed the same. So maybe we should keep the appointment and also schedule an appointment with a local oncologist. The only drawback is that I would have to convince Jim to go to Orlando two more times.

Just want some opinions, and of course prayers that we make the right decision.



  • KareGiver
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    Just want you to know that my husband's lung mets ARE responding to treatment. Please let Jim know that. Believe me, I have an idea of what you are going through and can understand Jim's hesitancy. Sending prayers your way!
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    I think you answered your own question, or at least my opinion would be to do both. Not sure if I remember that you guys have done any treatment, or what treatment since the Dx on the lung condition.

    But at least with the CT, you'll have a better understanding of what's going on. Then you can decide to look more local as for a second opinion or possible closer treatment.

    Me being in Lakeland, I was lucky.... My ENT is awesome, he went to Harvard Medical School and John Hopkins for his residency.

    My chemo MD's speciality is Oncology-Hematology...she is pretty awesome herself.

    The facility "Watson Clinic Center for Cancer Care and Research" I feel is pretty top notch and is affiliated with Moffitt over in Tampa.

    Watson Clinic - Center for Cancer Care and Research

    I do see on their site they have a couple of Clinical Trials for Lung Cancer...

    Anyways, if you guys have a few extra minutes sometime and want to...(I know you have a very hard and busy day going to Orlando)...get in touch with me and we can do lunch or something when you are this way.

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    Can't give answer...
    but I do agree with John and Karegiver posts....

    Prayers are the only solid thing I can offer...done! :)

    Keep us posted mom lives in Daytona Beach are certainly living in a beautiful area (I know you said you are near there) ...but HOT :)

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    tough one
    Hi Debbie,

    Whether you receive treatment near are far, the CT scan will provide some good information for your decision making. I hope Jim continues to feel better and can give additional treatment a go (if viable).

    Prayers and peace,