Ayse- Thanks for the advice about coconut water!

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Yesterday I asked the Oncologist if I could stop the Neulasta shot after chemo because paired with the side effects from Taxotere I was getting kicked in the seat of my pants. She said that after she looked at the blood work she would determine if I could either stop the shot or get a half dose. After looking at the blood work she said that I could stop it altogether, and mentioned also that my electrolytes were great!

That is what coconut water (not coconut MILK)does!! I started drinking it 2 days before chemo and will continue for about 5 days after. I just drink one of the small containers daily, but it doesn't taste very good. Our sister, Ayse, had me researching it and I found that it has such good benefits to everyone with or without cancer that I started drinking it.

Again, just wanted to pass along a tip that others may benefit from. It was passed along to me and I am grateful that I took it.

With deepest respect for the pink sisters,


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    When I lived in Jamaica, I
    When I lived in Jamaica, I would buy drink coconut water regularly. You could buy a ready-to- drink coconut on the street from a guy with some coconuts and a machete and it was delicious and refreshing. I've never tried the canned. Maybe it would taste better if it was bottled. xoxoxo