Question on protein sources during treatment

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I start radiation and chemo in a little over a week. For the past few months, I completely changed my diet and worked out religiously doing both weights and cardio. I lost over 50 pounds.

Part of my new diet was to cut out animal thing for me. I got most of my protein from protein powder mixed with skim milk.

I've slowly started eating meat again because I read on here that I'll need the protein. My question concerns protein powder in skim you tolerate milk okay during treatment?

I also get protein from eating Greek yogurt, so I guess my question is about eating dairy.

Thank you for any suggestions for protein sources.


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    Protein Sources
    The yogurt should be very good for you, as the bacteria helps in digestion and moving things through the intestines. I do not drink milk, but if you can tolerate it during treatment, it would be a good source of protein. As you probably know though, dairy can sometimes cause diarrhea. You can milk even more by adding dry milk powder to it or adding Carnation Instant Breakfast. You might also try cottage cheese. I ate a lot of skinless chicken breast, baked with little or no seasoning. Towards the end of my treatment, I drank a LOT of protein drinks. Ensure, Boost and others have high amounts of protein. I still drink protein drinks after workouts and prefer a brand called Premier, which I found at Costco. Eggs are another excellent source of protein. I love eggs, however, my taste buds went really whacky towards the end of treatment and they didn't taste good, which was only temporary. I'm not sure how well tofu would be tolerated, but it can be added to smoothies. If you like canned salmon or tuna, again, those would be great sources. Legumes (beans) contain a lot of protein, but I would caution you about eating these for obvious reasons. Perhaps in small amounts, they might be tolerable. Of course, all of this is going to depend on what your taste buds and appetite do.
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    My diet instructions
    My diet instructions recommended only two total cups of milk a day in any form: cheese, yogurt whatever. I could tolerate processed dairy like yogurt or hard cheese, but not milk, ice cream. The doctor told me that milk lingers in the colon making it work harder and when you have diarreha,, that makes it worse. Perhaps you won't have diarreha, but if you do you might keep this in mind.
    I could eat eggs some and they are a decent protein source also. You have to be careful about eating foods that can be more easily contaminated, like fresh seafood and fish. That is because your immune system will be weaker. Just my experience.
    Good luck.
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    I drank lots of instant breakfast, and gatorade with protien. Scrambled eggs for some reason really tasted good to me during treatment. Surprisingly Mcdonalds hamburgers tasted like filet mignon hehehe. Yogurt is good too though in midst of treament it just didnt appeal to me. I think everyones tolerance of different types of foods seems to fluctuate. I would say try something and see how it goes for you. I stayed away from vegetables. I had no issues with dairy, ice cream, cheese in small amounts (didnt want to get constipated), and milk I had no problem with. And pancakes I craved.

    Listen to your body and you should be good. If you notice issues with diarrhea or constipation let your doctors know.

    Drink fluids (no caffeine as it can contribute to dehydration), it is so easy to get denydrated and that can lead you down a miserable road.

    Hang in there!!