Very high PSA

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My dad has advanced prostate cancer to the bones. When my dad found out that he had prostate cancer the PSA was about 10.000. He started with hormone therapy for about 6 months. The PSA was amazing 32 on its best. Then the value increased again and he had to start with cytotoxin. The PSA decreased for a while, and then it was not effective enough and PSA value increased again. Now the value is about 600 and he had to start with a new hormone therapy named Zytiga. Is that a good one? I am really scared and worry about him,and hope someone can give some advise and tips about new treatment that could help him.We have also started a diet with many different foods and juices. Hope that can help.


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    So sorry

    I was saddened to read of your father's diagnosis. While you have left out many details of your father's disease with respect to age, staging, Gleason score, etc. it is clear from what you have written that he is suffering from very advanced prostate cancer that is no longer responding to normal hormone therapy. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition.

    When conventional hormone therapies are no longer effective newer drugs like Zytigia have been shown to extend life expectancy for a few to several months but eventually these drugs quit working too. With prostate cancer in the bones your father may experience significant pain. Radiation can be helpful in alleviating the pain in the bones but it is not a cure.

    While you continue to explore possibilities of treatment I suggest that you and other family members request a frank discussion with the doctor so you can understand and begin to prepare for the final phases of your father's battle with this disease.

    Men in your family also stand at higher risk for developing prostate cancer so please encourage them to seek regular PSA testing after the age of 40.

    Best wishes for you and your family during this difficult time.
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    Bad news
    My friends father in law had about the same issues. They gave him radiation and chemo. He could not walk at the beginning, but after a couple of months treatment he is now walking on his own and has less pain. Considering how bad he was it was a great improvement. He is still doing well.

    Make sure before they start treatment they explain exactly what they are doing and what they hope to achieve. They should be positive in their talks. Listen carefully to what they say.