Ascites & water pill

Does anyone take Spironolactone 50mg (water pill) for fluid build up in the abdomen? I've been taking it about a week and it has relieved the pressure I was feeling in my belly area. Was wondering what side effect you have if you take this? I have colon cancer with peritoneal mets. I usually post on the colorectal cancer discussion board. My first time here.
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    ascites and water pill
    My husband takes it once a day and he says it has helped him. He is on Spironolactone 100mg a day. The only side effect he noted was it would be constipating and cause some nausea, or uneasiness. Not sure if it was related to this or not, but he switched it and now takes it in the afternoon and has been doing well on it. It was not prescribed by his oncologist however was given by his GI doctor who found the cancer during the colonoscopy.
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    water tablets
    Hi there.. when I was in hospital before diagnosis, my doctors put me on spironolactone which are big yellow tablets .. at least in the UK. I did pass water more frequently, but they made no difference to my widening girth caused by the cancer. After 18 days in hospital, 3 and a half litres of abdominal fluid was drained by the use of a small tube after a tiny cut was made on my tummy (with the help of local anaesthetic). Since each litre is estimated to be 2.2lb, that's a lot of water. I know there are women here and in my hospital who have had a lot more removed than me. Water tablets weren't effective for my condition which is primary peritoneal cancer. Since then, because of chemo, the fluid hasn't built up again and thank the Lordie Lord for that! I didn't suffer any side effects apart from having to spend a penny more often although at the time, I was so ill I doubt I'd have noticed and new symptom. You don't say if your doctor has recommended taking water tablets. I was wondering about that.