upcoming surgery

betsi7 Member Posts: 20
My husband is having an esophagectomy done by Dr. Luketich at UPMC a week from today. I am also a member of CancerCompass which has also been helpful and informative. I read many of your posts today and found very helpful information. My husband has stage 3 adenocarcinoma and is her2 positive. He has had radiation, chemo and herceptin. We have three children at home (14,11,4) and a 24 yr. old daughter still at home. Ed was diagnosed March 18th 2012. I am a medical social worker with oncology and hopsice experience which has been mixed blessing. As the actual surgery gets closr and closer it is becoming harder to concentrate on anything else. We are well aware of how incredibly fortunate we are to have the chance for surgery, especially with this physician and that we will only be three hours from home. I have been blessed by the posts of all your journeys. Betsy