post surgery abscess ?

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Hello Dear Ladies

As many of you know, I have been going through a very difficult recovery. The pain has not let up and I feel just awful.

Yesterday I spent about 7 hours in the ER getting fluids, iv antibiotics and another ct scan. This is the third scan in less than a month. The scan last week and yesterday both show a pocket of fluid. The Er docs, my onc team and my reg doc are still unsure why it is there. They were thinking yesterday that it may be an abscess.

My counts are very very low, including my wbc. I will most likely be getting some blood tomorrow after my onc sees me. She may admit me back into the hospital to continue with the iv fluids, antibiotics and blood transfusions.

Have any of you ever developed any sort of abscess or infection following your debulking surgery?
If so, what was done to treat it. I hate the thought of another surgery, I feel like I have not even started to recover from this one.

Any thoughts would be so helpful right now.

I feel like I am at my very lowest point. It's so hard to get through each day.

Thank you all for your continued support and the warm caring you have shown me.

Hugs to all


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    Hi there. So sorry you are
    Hi there. So sorry you are going through this. I developed, on 4 separate occasions , pockets of fluid that had to be drained and packed. However the pockets that occurred worked their way to the surface of my abdomen. It would start out as a sore spot and if I pressed against it I would feel a hard knot(bout size of an egg) under my skin. The closer it got to the surface the more red the skin would become. The onc dr would make a small incision and let out the fluid , then pack the hole. This was done in her office. Best explanation I got about this was it was a result of the lymphatic system being cut during the debulking surgery. As a result fluids in my body didn't have a proper filtration system to go through so the body sealed off fluids in this manner. Not sure what is causing your abscesses, it could be something totally different. Eventually my lymp system healed and I quit having these develope. I hope that is what will happen for you over time.
    Hugs to you also,
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    Lisha, I'm sorry for such a
    Lisha, I'm sorry for such a long and difficult recovery. Know it will end and you start to feel better. One day at a time for now. Kim
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    Lisha, I'm sorry for such a
    Lisha, I'm sorry for such a long and difficult recovery. Know it will end and you start to feel better. One day at a time for now. Kim

    Dear Lisha
    I am so, so sorry that you've been suffering, and please know that we're with you in spirit. I'm sorry but I don't have any information to contribute because I did not have the experience of an abscess or infection after my debulking surgery. I know things feel hopeless and you are discouraged but I believe that your doctors will be able to figure this out and fix it. In the meantime, I'm glad you got the IV fluids, which will help your body in healing.

    Sending you lots of prayers and big hugs,

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    So sorry Lisha
    That is too bad that you are having all these problems. Not sure when your surgery for debulking was. I had a lot of fluid that built up after my surgery and it finally let loose one day when I got out of the shower. It had so much pressure behind it all that it found a small area at the incision sight and began to spray. I am talking like a full blast faucet would for about 5 min. Then it kept leaking for awhile after that and I would have to wear a pad taped to my stomach. I do believe the fluid built up after the surgery and because I had so many lymph nodes removed. I did get an incisional hernia that had to be repaired. They had to wait until I had been done with my chemo for quite awhile. I do hope that you start feeling better soon. Remember that everyone is different and has different issues with everything that is happening to our bodies. My husband used to say to me how come you have to try and get all the side effects. He would say you could leave some of them for other people. I will be praying for you Lisha. Hugs Sharon
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    I had an abscess after my
    I had an abscess after my most recent surgery and the pain was agonizing. I read one of your other post about the pain and it sounded exactly like the pain I had with my abcess. I had to be admitted into the hospital a week after I got out and stayed in there another week. Turned out the infection had gotten into my blood stream. Pockets of fluid are normal after a surgery but can get infected especially if you had any drains in. Thats what caused my infection. They put another drain in to drain the abcess and put me on IV antibiotics and sent me home on levoquin.
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    I am so sorry that you are suffering so much. You MUST advocate for yourself and there is no reason to have pain ...ever. It truly is hard to get through each day. I hope you have family support, people praying for you. Wishing you strength. Take care.
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    II'm so sorry you are going through this rough time. I've had more than 5 surgeries and never had anything like this happen. Is an absess in the lymph gland/area? I hope they get to the bottom of it soon. I'm sure you are running our of strength and fight. Don't give up, keep tellng them what you are feeling and thinking.
    Warm hugs and prayers,