Happy Update from Judy Reed about Don

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Judy posted this on facebook and asked that it be reposted here. "
I am hesitant to post this but I think we have been given about as close to a miracle as you could ask for. Today brought on a miraculous change in Don. This morning the docs were talking about sending him to Ann Arbor to see if their specialists could figure out something. They did a video barium swallow test around 11:30 am and Don wasn't sure he could do it. Well he did do it and by gosh the results showed that all was working properly and a clear path thru the intestines. They switched his pain meds to the fentanyl (sp?) patch I think on Saturday and changed it yesterday with a double increase in dose. Also they gave him another one of those shots in the belly that acts as an almost instant laxative. Also last night they finally put in a PICC line and gave him a bag of TPN (nutrition m
ixture) that goes thru the PICc line. He has had zero all last week so that alone was bound to improve things.
I honestly didn't think we were going to make it out here - ever. Oh my God!! He looks wonderful and has been more alert and awake today and even asked me to go for a walk with him. Then the med onc comes in tonight and explains his take on this whole ordeal. He thinks and so do I that the norco which was prescribed by the GI doc back in July caused Don to sleep and miss his meals and hydration and then the pain became more caused by constipation and dehydration.
As I said I feel a bit foolish but all signs were pointing to the obvious and I am not one to panic as I have been thru years of open heart surgeries with my dad and numerous hospitalizations but I want to tell you that in my heart I just knew we're going thru the end of our journey. I am grateful and in disbelief that the is happening but it is. I feel so happy for us and yet so sad for others who are going thru the final steps of this wicked disease. I think it could be called survivors guilt.
Many of you have been there since the beginning with us and were so sad to read of the turn of events with Don this past week especially when we were in Sturgis for the bike rally which was Dons goal since surgery.
This is the damnest cancer I have ever seen and I don't understand how things can go to hell so quickly or turn around so rapidly. It didn't seem rapidly really until this afternoon. Of course he is still weak and tired but that will improve and they are still planning the PET scan for Thursday which I would be willing to bet will be clear - everything else turned out clear so why wouldn't that??
I do believe in prayer and miracles but I cannot believe that we may have actually been the recipients. I cannot thank each of you enough for the support and concern and countless prayers. I am stunned and very very happy. Love, hugs and FEC , Judy."

So happy for them :D:D:D


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    What a relief! Thanks for letting us know.

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    Miracles DO happen!
    Thanks for the update! Great news for sure!
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    So "over the moon" happy . . .
    I was so happy to see the update on Don and Judy!! Positive thoughts still going their direction for continued progress toward strength and recovery!

    Lots of hugs,

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    I'm glad about the happy turn for Don! Praying for his continued good progress!
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    Judy, I'm so glad to read of Don's turn into calmer, comfortable and happier days! What a relief. I know this is such a roller coaster for you both. I hope that he continues to improve, what amazing results from the test. Hugs and Prayers to you.
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    May your good news continue.
    May your good news continue. Wishing the best. BMGky
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    WOO HOO!
    It's about time for good news for Judy & Don. Thanks for bringing this to us, Freida :)

    Hugs to you & Bill as well.


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    Happy To hear News as Well
    I commented over on the Facebook page, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in here too. Never be hesitant about good news. And yeah, things change SOOOOO quickly around here.

    Love to ya all...

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    Judy, I just read, and
    Judy, I just read, and re-read your post wijth tears in my eyes. I know that you and Don have felt all of our prayers and good mojo and you can be assured that more are coming your way!

    It is so nice to hear good news like your!