decision made

i have decided to have the stem cell transplant the doner is fully matched, so that cuts down the risk of host verses graft, the onc said hes not worried about the grafting not taking because i have had so much chemo, if there are no complcations i will only be away from home 4-5 weeks, my pre testing starts later this month. denise


  • jimwins
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    Hi Denise
    Hi Denise!

    I know this has been a rollercoaster of experience and decision making for you.
    Please keep the faith and let us know how you are doing.
    Sending warm and positive thoughts to you.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Hugs always,

  • allmost60
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    Decision made...
    Hi Denise,
    Putting all of our trust in doctors and procedures is very hard, but at some point when our options are few, it's what we have to do. Thank you for sharing your decision with us and we will be here every step of the way with you. Let us know when you start the pre-testing. Take care...Love, Sue
  • miss maggie
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    Good morning Denise,

    You made your decision. Considering you received the ok from your oncologist and you
    gave yourself time for thought. I will be thinking of you until the end of August,
    and early September. It is wonderful news finding a donor who is a match for you.

    Take it easy and try and build yourself up. Most of all be positive. From me to you,
    positive energy and love. Maggie