Why won't my fever break?

Just now took my temp. It was 101.8. Of course, I've only been on my antibiotic since yesterday. I take two daily, so I've had 3 doses. Just miserable. I think it's a sinus infection. I've coughed and spit a bunch of crud out today. Cistplatin, if this is only round 1 of 6, what lies ahead? UGH! On a positive note, after a few days of diarrhea (Immodim) I finally went really good tonight. Strange what this disease reduces us down to for excitement, isn't it? :)



  • lovesanimals
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    Hi Carla
    I truly understand that you want the fever and misery to go away instantly. I would feel the same way. If you have a sinus infection though, it may take a few days for you to really feel the effects of the antibiotics, based on my own experiences with sinus infections. Being able to cough and spit out the crud is a good thing. Did your doctor instruct you to finish all of the antibiotics, even if you start feeling much better? If yes, then be sure to follow the doctor's orders (sorry for the nagging!).

    Take care,
  • Tethys41
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    sorry you're so miserable. Believe it or not, a sinus spray containing xylitol, available at health food stores, helps resolve sinus infections. The good news is that your fever is probably helping your body fight the cancer.
  • Mwee
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    How are you feeling this AM?
    I hope those antibiotics have kicked in...... ((((HUGS))) Maria
  • mopar
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    I hope you're feeling better by now. Sinus infections are awful, not to mention feeling awful to begin with.

    Take care.