canker sores and tendonitis

Hi, I'm new to this site and as an information junkie, have appreciated the resources shared for many of the issues plagued by those with cancer. I thought I'd share a couple of mine, one for canker sores. don't have to tell you how bad the cankers are from chemo. someone else receiving chemo shared with me a remedy she uses for her cankers. I bought it, and it has been a God-send. Canker Sores Begone, it's made with herbs and topical. The huge cankers I get on my tongue are gone. I can't recommend it enough. I found it on several Amazon websites but they said it's out of stock, but have found it available at the company's website,

The other recommendation I have is for tart cherry juice. I started taking it for a chronic inflammation problem I've had for over 2 years in my shoulder. It's not related to the cancer, its tendonitits. I went thru everything trying to get it resolved to avoid surgery - your typical antiinflammatory drugs, physical therapy, icing/heat, tens machine - you name it, all with no improvement. Out of desperation, I had heard about taking tart cherry juice for inflammatory problems but frankly, I thought if the drugs aren't doing it, how could cherry juice work. But the amount of testimonials for tart cherry juice (unfortunately, since taken down--thanks FDA for 'protecting' us) convinced me to give it a try.

I bought the tart cherry juice from because I couldn't find the pure Montmorency tart cherry juice in local health food stores. AFter 3 days, I noticed the pain had lessened, and after a week, pain GONE! I still can't believe it. I continued taking it for a couple of months, then stopped, the pain returned. Continued taking it (2 tsp in 7 oz water daily), pain stopped after a few days. After 10 months, I stopped taking it, more of an experiment AND to save a little money, the shipping is expensive, and the pain hasn't come back. But I'm starting to take it again anyway because of the anti-cancer and health benefits I've since learned about, in part, on Dr. Oz. If you look into taking this, the staff at are very helpful and honest. They offer several tart cherry juice products, ie the fruit concentrate and in capsules. Although I started off with the fruit concentrate, wanted to avoid the calories in the juice so went to the capsules. They didn't work for me, I was able to return them with no problem. Their customer service explained that some people do better with the capsules than the fruit juice and vice versa, you just have to jump in and try it. Before the testimonials were taken down, there were also lots and lots of them for gout and arthritis and general aches and pains.

I also read (remember, I'm an information junkie) how tart cherry can help dogs with the hip/arthritis problems they can get as they age). My two little dogs are 'middle age' and don't have these problems, at least not yet, but this company sells cherry juice in capsules for dogs to relieve/avoid hips/arthritis/inflammatory problems so have recently started to give 1 capsule to each of them daily. I can't report a testimonial since I'm using it as a preventative, but I'm so impressed that it helped me with my long time shoulder problem which literally avoided a surgery, that I'm giving it to my dogs due to the confidence I now have for tart cherry juice. And my dogs love them, by the way. I poke a hole in each cap and squeeze out a little of the contents and they go for it like it's their fav chicken jerky treat.

Anyway, this turned out to be a very long post but I hope it helps someone (and their dogs).