Looks like my scans are clean. So far so good. Of course my Oncologist give the Zevaling all the credit.
I am sure that is true. Have been in remission since December O9.
But the last time I went 5 years. Well one week away. After 22 radiation treatments.
I just dont know why I itch all over all the time. They really do not know. It is creepy.
Hope everyone else is doing well.
I wonder how many had this Zevalin treatment.
Sometimes I wonder what the long term results are going to be with this.
I wish you all a good Sunday.


  • dixiegirl
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    Congrats on the clean scan WOO HOO!!

    Sorry you are having issues with itching, but hopefully they will figure out what's going on with you.

    Take Care,
  • cathyp
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    Severe itch
    I'll mention this in case it may be similiar to your itch problem.
    I was miserably suffering from a severe localized itch on the center of my back around my bra strap area. I could not believe how this was effecting my quality of life. Finally, my dermatologist dx'd me with Notalgia paresthetica. It is caused by a pinched spinal nerve, a result of radiation treatments I had 22 years ago for HL. At times, it can effect my arms as I have radiation damage to the brachial plexus. It comes and goes for me. Hope you get an answer and relief for your itch.
  • jimwins
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    Great news!
    Wonderful news, Hilde! Yahoo!
    Also very nice to hear from you.

    I hope they find the source of the itching and get it taken
    care of for you. Have they checked for shingles?
    It can start out as an itching sensation I think.


  • miss maggie
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    Missed you
    Dear Hilde,

    I am so happy reading your post. Total Remission, yeh.

    I can't help you as far as the Zevaling treatment. I was only treated with Rituxan.
    It looks like it worked for you. Great news.

    Enjoy your week. Love Maggie
  • merrywinner
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    Good news Hilde,I am so happy for you. I too was treated with Zevalin in April of 2010. Take care. Mary
  • allmost60
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    Good news Hilde,I am so happy for you. I too was treated with Zevalin in April of 2010. Take care. Mary

    Me too!
    Hi Hilde,
    So happy your scan was clean. Enjoy the rest of your summer now! Much Love...Sue