Help from Thailand


My ex-wife who i dearly still love has just been diagnosed with at least 3B cervical cancer but they have also found out she has a growth on her liver and she just did a another scan PET to see what it is and to check her whole body

I'm devastated for for her, she is Thai but I am from Scotland we were together 11 years

She can't have insurance because she is also HIV positive from a tattoo she had done on her shoulder 8 years ago so this is going to cost me alot but I have some money to be able to help her beat this

they want to do Chemo first because the tumor is 8cm and pushing at her kidney she goes to the toilet alot the after Chemo they will do radiation

I'm at my wits end I feel so sorry for her I don't want to loose her I want her to win

Please try and help her and give her hope I'm trying my best but she is on pain killers for the pain and sleeps alot

Thank you

A worried ex-husband


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    She'll be in my prayers..!
    God is Great..! All you have to do is put your faith in him.