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Hello everyone.

Can anyone tell me what are the signs of knowing you have liver cancer? Did it hurt? Was there a doubt?

I know someone that keep saying he think he has serious liver problems but he doesn't want to go see a doctor. He fears it is cancer. I want to help him with some correct info and encourage him to seek help.

Tks a lot. Sue


  • matt_8105
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    Best thing is to go to the doctor immediately for an MRI scan. Things like this can't be delayed and finding out early on has huge advantages in terms of treatments if the diagnosis for cancer is positive. As well, finding out that it ISN'T will bring huge relief and won't linger in the back of his mind.

    There are many people who are afraid of hearing the truth and having to find out when it's just too late. Please don't let another person fall into the same pigeon hole.