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Rocky was DX 10 months ago stage IV. Everything to date has been going pretty well considering. The PET scan three weeks ago was NED! Rocky NEVER had a swallowing problem, even in the begining. From the start he had no issues with food, ate what he wanted, spicy food, whatever, and did not lose much weight throughout chemo. We are doing well and continuing with "lower dose chemo" to hopefully stay in remission. Out of the blue, Sunday he started having a little trouble with food going down, he said it feels stuck. Even drinking,especially after eating, he said it feels like it wants to come up and takes a while to go down. He feels like he needs to stand up to help the food go down. I am in panic mode. Our Oncologist scheduled an upper endoscopy for this Friday and I have to say the doctor did not seem all that alarmed. Doctor said the PET was clean so we will see, the scope shows a better look on the inside on the esophagus, that was it. Am I crazy or is this a very bad sign? Rocky never did have a problem, the PET was clean so could this just be relflux or something? He is burping a lot and says he feels full?

I think my nerves are shot at this point and I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is there a veteran in all of this that could shed some light?




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    Will be thinking of you and Rocky tomorrow and hoping for the best. Glad he is getting scoped right away to see what's going on inside the esophagus.

    Here is our experience with swallowing.
    My husband, Lou, (DX Stage 4b Dec 2009) started out with swallowing problems which led to his diagnosis. He went through radiation right away back then which did shrink the mass. During the following year he had to have his esophagus stretched (dilated) a few times because he had difficulty swallowing. The stretching was something I learned about on this site! The radiation Lou received could have caused scarring, thus making the esophagus narrow. Though the cancer too is causing thickening.

    It has been a year and a half since the last time he's been dilated, and just lately he's been feeling like some foods are starting to stick a bit again. So it's time to see his GI Dr about getting scoped to see what's up and hopefully he just needs to be stretched gain. He is having his 3 month CT scan next week. So far they have been showing the thickening of the esophagus, but no progression.

    So, even though it's hard not to panic when we don't know what's going on, take a few deep breaths. Know that thoughts and prayers are coming your way.