Surgery things to consider

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Just reading my husband's radiology report and it seems all of the mets they found are at surgical ports. He had radical Nephrectomy Jan 2010 for 10.5 cm RCC performed Laparoscopic surgery with one big abdominal incision at the end to remove the kidney.Since the cancer was not in the lymph nodes I think all the spreading occurred during surgery since the mets are at the abdominal incision and one of the Laparoscopic ports. I can't blame the surgeon, this is always a risk, but if you haven't had a surgery yet, talk to you doctor first and see if there are options to take immunotherapy drugs before and after the surgery, so your immune system be able to fight any remaining cells. Also after reading last night Gerald White's book - talk to them about collecting the cancer tissue for developing a vaccine.There are very promising results from medical trials and we are seeing Monday oncologists who is doing a vaccine trial here in California. I hope my husband can still be a candidate, even thou we were not informed enough 2 years ago when he had his surgery to collect and freeze the original tumor.



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    Tumor samples

    You probably signed so many forms and consents two years ago, you may be surprised to find they did save portions of the tumor. It won't hurt to ask.

    Keep positive. I know I sound like a broken record but advancements in fighting kidney cancer are happening at a rapid pace and the cure could be right around the corner. Stay positive and keep your husband positive. That's one of the most important things you can do for him right now.