Spreading the word about esophageal cancer

This is just kind of a fun post, but thought I'd share. I was sent some tee shirts and other "swag" from the Esophageal cancer network. The t-shirts are really nice, a pretty lime green color with periwinkle blue (EC color like pink for breast cancer)as the logo color. Now I'm not a t-shirt kind of girl, I'll wear them to work out or clean the house, but I don't wear them out and about. Well today I wore it to the grocery store, and felt really proud to do so. No one asked me about it, but I noticed several people looking at it. Emblazed on the back is the tag line "Heartburn can cause Cancer" and the website. My hope is that I caught at least a couple of people's eye, and they read the slogan and will remember it. We need to spread the word any way we can!


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    I agree. I also have a shirt
    I agree. I also have a shirt although it is way too small now. Maybe I will order another. We need to get the
    Word out as much as possible about the BEAST.