The sweetest gift I ever received.

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I haven't been volunteering at our local animal shelter since diagnosed in May 2012. My friends just brought me a present. Apparently over the course of weeks they saved any fur that was groomed off of the rescue dogs, laundered and dried it in the sun, packed it in zippered bags and stuffed a pillow with it. On the outside of the pillow it says: "Rebecca we are HAIR for you!" and they put the pictures of every dog (that they groomed to get the fur) in little postage sized squares that shaped a heart. Another volunteer sewed the pink shag back on it. I was blown away.

I am taking it with me to the next infusion "party" for strength!


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    What a special gift! I would never have thought of doing that in a million years! Of course with my chemo and rads fried brain, it may not have ever come to me to me in a zillion years! lol.....what special friends you have and what a special friend you must be....

    Enjoy your special gift at your infusion party!
    Hugs, Nancy
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    How special!
    What a very thoughtful, special thing to do! How nice that you have these special people in your life!
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    salls41 said:

    How special!
    What a very thoughtful, special thing to do! How nice that you have these special people in your life!

    Oh, wow--I love that idea
    Now your pups can be closer to you in spirit when you need them. That was so sweet of your friends. Of course, they made it for a very special girl!

    Hugs, Renee
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    And animals
    are such good medicine for us. This was a doubly good gift.
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    Sounds like you have great
    Sounds like you have great friends and support ... what a special gift for you! When I was diagnosed last fall, a friend from church went around to a couple of schools I work at and had teachers sign and write messages on " pink ribbon" fabric -- which she then used as a backing for a beautiful purple tone quilt she made for me ..... She texted me what was my favorite color and I did not know what she was up to ....I am now done with treatment but still on the tamoxiifin plan .... I curl up with that quilt whenever I get depressed or need support and I feel the joy and love that went into all that! Nice that you volunteer at the animal shelter .... are you able to do any of that now? Sue D