Had my first post treatment scan for cervical adenosquamous carcinoma that had mets to pelvic lymph nodes. Finished three rounds carbo/taxol, 5 weeks concurrent chemo/radiation to pelvis, two brachytherapy treatments, and two more high dose carboplatin. Last treatment May 30. Just got results of first Pet/Ct. Disease in pelvis gone. Lymph nodes clear. New tiny nodule in lung with faint uptake. Next CT in two months to track lung nodule. Not sure what to think of this. Wish it had been all clear. Can't seem to catch a break. Anyone else with lung nodules out there?


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    Saw a thoracic surgeon about
    Saw a thoracic surgeon about lung nodule. Stable as of 9/24 but thoracic surgeon thinks they are mets. Now have to decide about surgery. Bummed.