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I was diagnosed 10 years ago this October with Hodgkins lymphoma. I don't even remember what stage, I think it was II, but I was very fortunate; I got the "good" kind of cancer. After 4 rounds of chemo, and a month of radiation,I was cured. Truly cured. I feel so blessed. Ten years later, the love of my life, someone who came into my life 6 years ago, was diagnosed with Stage III EC. I can't help but think about how lucky I was, and why he too couldn't have gotten a "good" cancer. I say that somewhat facetiously, because as we all know no cancer is good, but so many are more treatable, and yes curable than others.

I had my annual visit with my oncologist this morning. Haven't had a PET or CT scan for probably 4 years now, but my blood work is perfect, and I show NED. Of course we all use that term, NED as who knows what cells could be lurking, only to rear their ugly head when you least expect it. But I'll take it. I have to be honest though and say I don't take this for granted. I know the other shoe could drop; and given that I had radiation to my chest I am much more susceptible to breast cancer down the line, and have had a few scares in the past year or so.

But that was and is nothing compared to what EC is and does to each and every one of you here on this forum. I so wish that each of you and Dave, were as lucky as me. I have trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that he could not make it. That after undergoing the chemo and radiation, and then of course the big surgery in September, he could have some clean scans and then bam, maybe in 6 months or so it could reoccur. That is my biggest fear. It's just not fair. And that brings me back to my original thought: why oh why couldn't he or any of us here on this board, get a "good cancer"?

Thanks for letting me vent.


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    I understand....
    I often wonder how a cancer can appear "beaten" and the patient do so well only to be hit BAM! with a very aggressive recurrence. It is UnFair! So very UnFair!

    Hopefully those that have fought and lost will benefit those that follow. Perhaps the surgeon thought of a way to improve his methods or even had some thought of "gee, look how this worked here" or even a "gee, that really didn't do what I wanted" that will help the next patient.

    I have a classmate diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma shortly after my Nick was diagnosed with Stage III EC. My classmate is now doing quite well and may have many years of NED, but yet my Stage III "EC poster boy" (as his surgeon called him) is now gone after a very aggressive recurrence. I'm envious to say the least.....

    I hope and pray that your Dave follows William's path and is able to be a long term survivor. I truly want to see many more people that can stand and slap EC in the face!

    Blessings and positive thoughts and prayer to you & Dave!

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